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Bev Harris of Black Box Voting talks about Electronic Vote Fraud on the 2/5/04 Alex Jones show.

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Katherine Albrecht is interviewed about documents she obtained concerning plans for RFID tags on the 7/8/03 Alex Jones show.

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Former UN inspector Scott Ritter holds a press conference and a Q&A at the Traprock Peace Center on February 26th 2004. He goes into detail about how Iraq was disarmed years ago and how the war was never about WMD's.

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America Kicks Ass. mp3 audio (892kb) (PG-13)


Diebold spoof radio advertisement. mp3 audio (888 kb)


Excerpts from the Alex Jones radio show on a variety of topics.

Artificial Scarcity. Oil, diamonds, water and more. How corporations apparently admit they create the illusion that we're about to run out of a valuable commodity so they can jack up prices. 6 minutes.

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Chemtrails. A discussion about what is happening in our skies. 15 minutes.

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September 11th, Terrorism & Deceptions. An excerpt from the 3/11/04 Coast To Coast radio show interview.

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