outsourcing america

Wondering lots of American jobs are going? Record number of people unemployed and the politicians are now actually spinning this as a good thing! "We should be proud that our #1 export is now jobs" is basically what many of them say when they get on the talking head shows. Ok... obviously they don't need to worry about their job security.

While outsourcing does help provide lower prices to consumers (and we do love low prices), will it be worth it in the long run if millions continue to be jobless and will not be able to afford even the lowest priced goods? How will that help rebound our economy? Think about it. There will be no more middle class American dream if this keeps up. It's common sense.

A company executive proclaims, "We must relocate our division or some jobs to a foreign country in order to remain competitive.'' What he is really saying is, "In order to keep our salaries, perks, stock grants and options at the current obscene levels, we must lay off our current workforce and hire cheap labor in other countries.''


White House Under Fire for Outsourcing Proposal

"This week, Americans learned something important. Exporting jobs isn't an accident — it's administration policy."

“Outsourcing” American Jobs Causing More Unemployment In The U.S.

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A list of U.S. companies either sending American jobs overseas, or choosing to employ cheap overseas labor, instead of American workers.

Bush Outsourced Fundraising & Voter Operations

NEW REPORT: Why Bush Supports Outsourcing

The analysis shows that the president's campaign has pocketed more than $440,000 and his party more than $3.6 million in just 4 years. These companies have a direct stake in the president publicly supporting outsourcing and doing everything he can to water down or oppose legislation to curb the practice.


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Outsourcing jobs in India to increase seven times by 2008

There's No Stopping The Offshore-Outsourcing Train

Forrester Research now says it expects that 830,000 U.S. service jobs will move to low-wage countries such as China, India, and Mexico by the end of 2005.


America's Most Coveted Jobs Multiply Elsewhere as 'Offshoring' Proliferates

Powell Reassures India on Technology Jobs

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, encountering the other side of a tempestuous debate in the United States, sought to assure Indians on Tuesday that the Bush administration would not try to halt the outsourcing of high-technology jobs to their country.


Tax cuts boost joblessness, encourage outsourcing

"When a U.S. corporation manufactures in the United States, its income is subject to U.S. tax at a nominal rate of 35 percent. If the same corporation moves those jobs to some other country, it can normally structure the deal to reduce its U.S. taxes to zero. That's right, zero."


100,000 strong, first ever strike against outsourcing a success