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Caved in and got a MySpace account. If you're on there, send a friend request.

Hard to believe it's been over a year since the site was updated. It's been a busy 2005, mostly just trying to survive in the face of impending economic doom and other bullshit happening. The blog is usually updated regularly though. The rest of the site will get updates and new issues added in the coming year. Thanks for reading.


The Apartame page has been updated with information on a new documentary.


Page about the M.A.T.R.I.X. System added to the Privacy section.

Lots of stuff in the issues section updated, clarified, scanned for dead links, etc. New songs added to the Jukebox.


Got tired of the old design so here's a fresh new look for the site. Consider it a remix. Some of the old pages are still being converted over, so please excuse any temporary errors you may see. Also added a blog this week (where the new look was ripped from) and all songs in the Jukebox are now in MP3 format.


Added a video clip about RFID tracking chips from History Channel's Tactical To Practical show.

New film recommendations added.


Added a video clip of an ABC News story about microchips in humans. Interesting.