suddenly everything sucks

It's a web site. With some information and links to thought-provoking stories and issues happening in the world we live in. Stuff about privacy, health, corruption, asshole world leaders, corporate pigs, history, technology, etc. Also available is a variety of audio and video clips, lots of resources, some cool downloads and more. It's all in the menus above. New stuff is added when time permits.


The name of the site was inspired by some images that circulated the internet a while back. Some pranksters (ad busters) modified a few Microsoft Windows XP billboards that appeared on highways. "Suddenly Everything Clicks" was changed to "Suddenly Everything Sucks". I thought that was pretty funny and summed up how I felt when I started learning about a lot of the stuff covered on this site.


Some of the images used on this site are from AdBusters, The Propaganda Remix Project, and other cool sites. Blog is powered by Blogger.com. Some video clips are from MoveOn. Thanks to these sites for making cool stuff available online, and the talented artists that created them.


No copyrights here. Feel free to save any of the audio and video files on this site to your computer. If you have a web site, upload them there. All I ask is that you don't link directly to them so I don't get smacked with ridiculous bandwidth charges.