The dangers of fake sugar made with Aspartame like Sweet & Low and Equal. Maybe Splenda too.


Sodium Fluoride is a waste product of the aluminum industry. So why is it in everything from water to toothpaste?

genetically modified foods

Good food + bad chemicals = Health problems.


do you feel a draft?

Articles and information about the push for a new military draft in 2005. Heads up if you're 18-34.

electronic voting fraud

Diebold can make ATM machines that keep track of our money, are virtually un-hackable and give us paper receipts. For some reason can't seem to do this with their touch screen voting machines.

the patriot acts

They tell us that the terrorists hate us because we're free. So maybe if our government slowly strips away our freedoms the terrorists will all call it a day and go home.

historic deceptions

From Hitler to World War 2 to September 11th. Governments have a history of lying to the people. What? You think government officials never do anything wrong and always tell the truth?


RFID tracker tags

These things are set to replace barcodes, but do more. Much more. Scary more.

the MATRIX system

No, not the movies. All your personal information compiled into huge databases. Watch out for this one.

tivo / personal video recorders

TiVo would be a cooler concept if they didn't have the ability to track what buttons you push and how many times you hit them.


onstar/GPS tracking


outsourcing america

Where are the good jobs going and why?

the sinking dollar

In case you haven't noticed, the dollar has been going down in value.



Got random respitory problems? Allergies that you've never had before? Wacky weather? Look up.

spanish flu - the remix

The "Spanish" Flu killed more people than World War 1, so hey, lets dig it back up and play with it. At the Pentagon no less.

dead microbiologists

In case you haven't noticed, many of the worlds microbiologists, including quite a few with links to bioweapons, are being murdered.