genetically modified foods

Genetic engineering is the largest food experiment in the history of the world. We are all the guinea pigs.

There are about 40 varieties of genetically engineered crop approved for marketing in the U.S. As a result, 60-70% of the foods on your grocery shelves contain genetically engineered (GE) components.

Genetically engineered foods contain substances that have never been a part of the human food supply. They are not subjected to rigorous pre-market safety testing and they are not labeled.

Is genetic engineering safe for you and your family? Safe for the environment? Safe for the future of mankind? No long-term studies have been done. No one can answer these questions.

This is a universal issue. Everyone has to eat.


New Health Dangers of Genetically Modified Food

Revealed: Shocking new evidence of the dangers of GM crops

Genetically modified strains have contaminated two-thirds of all crops in US


Europe agrees to new labels for genetically modified commodities

Hard to swallow

"Genetically modified food is potentially dangerous to human health and should be evaluated further before being fed to humans, said an expert at the Meeting of Parties for the Cartagena Protocol."


Genetically modified food: Bush promotes a `biological time bomb'

Washington is the key force behind the big push for the spread of GM crops. Flimsy scientific research had been conducted to justify this extension, while extensive evidence of the possible grave dangers of GM crops has been ignored.


Monsanto's "Terminator" Gene

Monsanto is in the process of acquiring and patenting their newest technology, known as "Terminator Technology." This technology is currently the greatest threat to humanity. If it is used by Monsanto on a large-scale basis, it will inevitably lead to famine and starvation on a worldwide basis. See also Millions Against Monsanto to send an instant fax to this corporation.


GM Frankenfood Allergies

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