Thursday, October 21, 2004

Digital Satisfaction

Slap Bush
Slap him as many times as you can in 20 seconds and submit your score. Funny reaction shots.

Slap The Candidate
This one lets you smack Kerry as well, if so inclined. Check out the embedded links on stuff in the background.

Punch Bush
Get in some good punches before he turns into Alfred E. Newman.

Punch The President
Some good moves.

Warp Bush
Make W look like Herman Munster with Java technology.

Bush Game
This one gets my vote for the best. It's just awesome. An entire online flash-based video game (which you can download and play offline as well) made by the people who also created the kick ass Emogame. You play as various american heros (Mr. T., Christopher Reeves, 80's Hulk Hogan, an average American that got off his fat ass to do something and Jesus, to name a few) out to kick the asses of the current stooges in DC and their corporate buddies. You'll also learn a few things about the economy, taxes, policies, etc with various information breaks along the way. Pure genius.


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