Friday, January 21, 2005

Four More Years

(Stolen from Matthew Good's blog, which seems to be gone. I guess he got tired of the crap.)

Big kudos to everyone who made it to DC yesterday for the protest. A friend of mine went and seemed bummed about the entire thing. He said there were cops everywhere, demonstrations were limited to a few sections (some with long waits to get in; probably done on purpose) and there were some folks clearly out to just cause trouble/get negative press. I wish I was able to make the trip. Not being able to get time off work pretty much put an end to my plans. C-Span 2 had decent coverage of some demonstrations and speeches, then cut away to show the monkeys in Congress doing something when "the ride" started. ABC had announcers start talking over jeers in the crowd, which was interesting. Some folks even think networks messed with the sound to drown out protesters during W's speech.

What was with all the devil horn hand signals?


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