Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Forgetting Michael Jackson

Well, it's finally over. The jury came back on the Michael Jackson case, and as predicted just in time to give the media an excuse to drop all reporting of the Downing Street Memo in advance of the Conyers hearings this Thursday.

Compared to the crime of a President that lied this nation into a war, the Michael Jackson case is a microscopic event. Yet we know the media will attempt to make the verdict the major headline for as long as it takes to trick the American people into forgetting that the President lied us all into a war. They helped sell the lie of Iraq's WMDs to the public, and now they are stuck with the lie and must defend it at all costs. In a way, it is ironic that the same mainstream media that tried to smear the blogs as "journalistically unprofessional" are about to lower themselves collectively to the level of supermarket checkout stand tabloids in their rush to distract the American people from the fact that this war their kids are being killed and crippled in is based on a bunch of deliberate government and media lies.

So, two things you need to do to counter the media distractions.

The first is to forget Michael Jackson. He's a non-story. Ignore him. Don't talk about him. Don't mention his name. Yet another perverted entertainer is just background noise. If you think about it, perpetual anonymity is the worst punishment he can suffer anyway.

The second is to keep focused on the lies that sent our kids off to war, because that is the most important story in this nation's history. For the first time, we caught the President lying to start a war while the war started with those lies is still ongoing. That is historic.

The mainstream media is going to use Michael Jackson to prove to themselves and their corporate masters that they still control what the public in America thinks. They are betting that they can MAKE you think Michael Jackson is the most important thing in your life. They are betting that they can MAKE you forget that the President lied us all into a war. Because they've always been able to do it before.

And YOU are going to prove them wrong.

Please use THESE MEDIA ADDRESSES to let the media know that you don't care about Michael Jackson. DEMAND they stay focused on the lies that tricked this nation into war. Send them a copy of LIE OF THE CENTURY to demonstrate that a great deal of proof of Bush's intention to lie exists outside the Downing Street memo.

Stop waiting for the media to tell you what is important. TAKE THE TIME TO TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK IS IMPORTANT.


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