Monday, March 06, 2006

Iran apparently has 30 days....

US to present Iran with 30-day ultimatum
The United States will present a 30-day ultimatum to the UN Security Council this week, the Washington Post reported Saturday, calling on Iran to cease with its nuclear program.
The fact that nobody has found any proof that Iran is actually building nuclear weapons is, of course, irrelevant. Lets all just ignore that little fact.
US envoy hints at strike to stop Iran
From what? Turning, on their electric lights?
Bolton: World Must Confront Iran
The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations on Sunday told an influential pro-Israel lobbying group there is an urgent need to confront Iran's ``clear and unrelenting drive'' for a nuclear weapons program.
Here we go again. The IAEA has said there is no need to refer the matter to the UN for sanctions, so the Israeli-firsters crank up the "UN is irrelevant" rhetoric prior to the US (your blood, your money) being unilaterally poured all over Iran's sand.

There is no more proof that Iran is building nuclear weapons than there was that Iraq was building nuclear weapons. The US is about to invade and conquer yet another innocent nation, and THIS time, you cannot pretend you don't know it's all a sham.

Staged attack to precede war against Iran?
Psychological manipulation and military plans are now being fine-tuned and put into place in order to carry out a war against Iran. This manipulation of the public at large strongly resembles preparations taken prior to the current war in Iraq, giving rise to suspicions of a potential diversionary tactic by the U.S. military. At the same time that pressure to pull the troops out of Iraq is intensifying, the U.S. is dispatching an entire division there, possibly to employ against Iran at a later date. According to author Webster Tarpley, the coming war in Iran will be preceded by a false flag operation (a strike carried out by Party A, who is both victim and perpetrator, but who in turn assigns guilt to Party B).

Well, it wouldn't be the first time in history something like this happened....


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