Thursday, November 09, 2006

Memo to the Democrats

Congratulations on your mid-term election success. We've worked our asses off putting you into Congress. It isn't because we like you. We don't. Some of you we don't like at all. But we worked hard to put you into Congress because we need you to do a job. We need you to enforce the laws and the Constitution, with regards to high crimes and misdemeanors of the previous administration.

If you don't, then expect us to work just as hard to get you out as we did to get you in.

The polls that showed you winning also showed that the issues for most voters were the Iraq war and the corruption of the previous administration. Ignore those issues at your professional peril.

Harry Truman said that Democracy means that the Will of the People is the Law of the Land.

You are in Washington to end the war and impeach the President and Vice President. Fail either and you will be gone in a few short years.

Should you decide to join together and tag team the American people, by continuing the push for more wars, and refusing to rollback various police state measures put in place by many of those we helped you replace, then expect full Revolutionary revolt. On all of you. Red. Blue. All of you.

You work for us. Not the corporations, not a foreign government. Not for each other.

Vote fraud can't change that reality. AIPAC can't change that reality. Pelosi can't change that reality.

You work for WE THE PEOPLE.

And we are watching you, every single second of every single day.


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