Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Is The Fix In?

Greg Palast had a special report on his BBC show last night about the election, and it's a doozy. Based on his investigation, Mr. Palast strongly believes Bush will take office for a second term with an organized election fraud effort that will dwarf what happened in 2000. Something called "caging lists", trick ballots, thousands of missing absentee ballots, challenging thousands of voters (including many who don't have a current address.....because they're currently serving in Iraq!), intimidation and electronic vote fraud are just a few of the tactics being used.

A summary of his report is available on the BBC web site. Apparently the program was aired worldwide on BBC networks and affiliates where it was a top story, except in the US of course. Figures.

Greg did an interview this afternoon on the Alex Jones show where he quickly went over much of his information and thinks Democrats (he says he talked to Edwards) are ill prepared to handle this blitz of fraud (they're planning on getting lawyers involved in everything which could backfire). You can listen to that interview right here (mp3 / 9 minutes / 700kb)

Is the fix in? We're only a few days away from finding out. And if it is, what are we going to do about it?

10/28 Update: The report aired on Democracy Now! today (October 28th), followed by a live in-studio interview with Greg Palast. He believes we'll have another fiasco in Florida, along with Ohio and New Mexico among others. You can listen/watch/read the transcript of the show at the Democracy Now! web site.

Twelve ways Bush is now stealing the Ohio vote
Postal Experts Hunt for Missing Ballots in Florida
Florida's computers have already counted thousands of votes for George W. Bush


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