Monday, September 05, 2005

Who to blame for Katrina

The following is a rant by Michael Rivero that I think sums up the current state of affairs in DC, the media and internet message boards regarding the deadly hurricane last week.
Don't fall for this trick. This isn't an issue about Republicans versus Democrats, conservatives versus liberals, or red versus blue.

This is about a people lied into an illegal war by a government which then looted the nation's emergency preparedness to pay for that illegal war.

The government gambled an entire city on their war. The government cut funding for flood control and spent it in Iraq and HOPED the city of New Orleans would not need those flood control systems.

The government lost that bet. New Orleans is destroyed, more thoroughly than any terrorist could have done. More than New Orleans, the failure to maintain the flood control systems has closed the Mississippi river as a shipping route, isolating America's heartland. Cargill, the largest food exporter in the region cannot empty its silos of grain into ships to send to foreign markets, and the fall harvest is at hand. With the silos already full, there is no place to store the new harvest, which means more adverse weather could wipe out the entire crop. Like the former Soviet Union, we may see the specter of vast amounts of food sitting and rotting in the sun because the transportation system is wrecked due to government oversight.

The government gambled with a city, indeed with the entire central plains. And they lost that bet.

The government knows that YOU know what they did and they are scared, and they are playing every dirty trick they can to keep you from directing your anger where it belongs, at Washington DC.

So, you will see tons of propaganda about how this is a Republican versus Democrat issue, or it's a rich versus poor issue, and maybe even some good old fashioned race-baiting as well, along with the usual phony opinion polls, all to keep the American people squabbling amongst themselves while the real authors of this disaster breath a sign of relief at their narrow escape, and laugh again at how easily fooled the stupid American people are.


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