Friday, March 24, 2006

Charlie Sheen Fallout

I guess it's been an interesting week for Charlie Sheen after his interview on the Alex Jones show on Monday.

After the story was ignored for about a day, CNN picked it up and one of their shows did a segment about it Wednesday night. You can watch that video right here:

That opened the floodgates a bit. Then Alex Jones managed to get on the same show Thursday night and really let loose. Video of that can be seen here:

Talk about opening a can of whoop-ass. They also had a poll up where 80+ thought there was a 9/11 cover-up.

Charlie Sheen story goes Viral
The Charlie Sheen 9/11 story is set to roll into Friday still at the height of its controversy now being the discussion of thousands of forums and blogs, more mainstream coverage and Thursday night's appearance of Alex Jones on CNN's Showbiz Tonight. Meanwhile, a CNN poll shows that three-quarters of Americans support Sheen's stance.
Finally, Alex did a follow-up interview with Sheen on Friday afternoon. You can listen to that right here.

It's interesting that all the people attacking him bring up his youthful behavior 20 years ago, like they're personally all perfect angels themeselves, or anyone that is a celebrity automatically doesn't have a right to have an opinion. It's also hilarious to see the spin saying that "CHARLIE SHEEN CLAIMS _________". He's not claiming anything really. He just read a bunch of research and has questions, like anyone else that has read the same stuff. Oooh big conspiracy theorist. They're making it sound like only he thinks this and/or he's gone nuts. "Hey, look what Charlie Sheen believes. Isn't he dumb? Look, all these professors, victim families, former government officials and whistleblowers all think the same thing. Aren't they dumb too?"

Has Charlie Sheen, CHARLIE f'n SHEEN of all people, lit the spark to start a revolution in the 9/11 truth movement? Time will tell.


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