Wednesday, September 08, 2004

RFID Tags - The People Say No

c|net posted another good article concerning RFID tags. "When it comes to radio frequency identification tags for humans, the people have spoken. They hate it."

Read the entire thing over at the c|net site. After you're done, check out the RFID section of this site for more articles, links and video clips. If you value your privacy, this technology is one to look out for. I link c|net member Liza Wakabayashi put it best when she wrote:
Why not? The article mentioned that people are using it to track and identfy their dogs and cats and prisons want to use them to track inmates. If we accept that why not accept them ourselves, in our bodies. After all we are like dogs and cats wholly owned property of the federal government, so they should be able to track and indentify their property right? Also since the entire country is now one big USA-PATRIOT act prison, we are all inmates. I fail to see the objection to haveing the RFID's implated in every citizen. At least it's not an unnattractive barcode tattoo on our foreheads. Come on John Ascroft, its for our safety and protect our freedoms right? Sign me up.


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