Friday, March 31, 2006

9 Minutes 11 Seconds

So Betsy Hart is apparently trying to crap on the September 11th Truth Movement. She was on Fox News last week having a few laughs at Charlie Sheen's interview and wrote an article entitled Conspiracy Theories Flourish Regarding 9/11. Paul Watson has a good rebuttal posted on the Prison Planet site called The Fear of Muslims Conspiracy.

Anyway, Betsy has a web site and she's been feeling some backlash on her blog. Apparently she asked people to produce information on the hijackers. I cracked open my copy of Loose Change and extracted the segment about them and sent it to her. I think it's pretty clear. Apparently she's not a very bright journalist when it comes to research, since a lot of people are calling her ignorant of the 9/11 facts in her article (plus she also accused Alex Jones of sending her a menacing email which was quickly retracted). So visuals probably help in her case. Below is the clip she got. She'll probably brush it off and not look into the information presented, but oh well. There's no helping some people. Maybe she'll surprise us all and try to track down some of the living hijackers for a follow-up article.

Nonetheless, I thought I'd post it here too and share it elsewhere around the web, so it wasn't a total waste of time. Feel free to share the clip with friends. I call it 9 Minutes 11 Seconds, since, ironically, that's how long it ended up being after editing.


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