Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cuttng through Israel's Propaganda War in the US

Four short clips of things Americans never see on US Television.

Exhibit #1 - Journalists who ask questions - Part 1

Calling it what it is - terrorism against a civilian population

UK correspondant John Snow interviews Israeli ambassador about Israel's attacks against Palestinians.

Notice that in the UK, television journalists don't automatically defer to Israeli government represenatives the way US news people do. Why is that?

Exhibit #2 - Journalists who ask questions. - Part 2

For European eyes only

CNN broadcasts different news in Europe than it does in the US. Why can't we get reporters like this on CNN-US? Instead we get Wolf Blitzer, a former employee of AIPAC, the Israeli War Party's lobby in the US.

Exhibit #3 - US citizens who say "NO!"

The US is mortgaging its future to support
the criminal activities of a foreign power - why?

Do you think all Americans are uninformed and/or unconcerned about America's relationship with Israel?

You would if you watch US TV.

The reality: Millions of Americans are aware that US foreign policy has been hijacked by the Israeli War Party - and they cannot get their voices heard because of US media news censorship.

Exhibit #4 - Daily brutality

What goes on in the refugee camps

The Israeli military thought this footage of a routine operation in the Occupied Territories had been destroyed. It wasn't and someone with courage ran it on TV - in Israel. Then, thanks to Canada, it was aired in North America. You will never see it on a US network.

Being on the receiving end of this kind of brutality is the norm for Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories.

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US citizens need two things they're not getting:

1. Factual reporting on what is going on in the Middle East and

2. Representatives in Congress who represent the interests of the United States, not of the Israeli War Party.

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