Monday, July 10, 2006

Arundhati Roy speaks about the Palestinian / Israeli Conflict

In case you haven't heard, all hell is breaking loose again in Israel/Palestine. Apparently an Israeli soldier was allegedly captured by the Palestinians, so Israel's response is to go into Gaza and pretty much take it out on everyone with some more collective punishment. They also apparently have captured some of the Palestinian's democratically elected government officials. A few headlines:

Draft Resolution Demands Israel Quit Gaza
Guess which country (who talks so much about peace and justice) blocked it.

The Cruelest "Apartheid Wall" of All: U.S. Media :: Protecting Israel, Intimidating Congress, Lying to the American People

A reminder what started the current crisis in the Mideast...
... because the US mainstream media sure as hell won't bother to tell you.

Below is a great clip from We... Unauthroized Arundhati Roy, where she talks about the history of the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.

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