Thursday, April 27, 2006


Kind of been busy the last few weeks. I came across a great documentary called We, which visualizes a speech by Arundhati Roy and mixed in cool music to boot.

It was created and released anonymously. I felt more people needed to see this film, so I whipped up a site for it, as the only other site that i've seen plugging it was a discussion forum in Australia.

Enter It launched tonight as another distribution point and community for the film, as well as general info about Arundhati Roy and her work. Please visit the site and help spread the word. Suggestions are also welcome.

What? Stop there? Nah, lets go ahead and whip up a MySpace profile for the site to help plug it along. Go to and send a friend request if you've got one of them myspace accounts.

Below is the unofficial trailer I whipped up for the film, since I felt it needed a good "preview" for people to see what it was about before taking the plunge and downloading the entire thing.

Feel free to post this on any of your blogs and profiles to help spread awareness. This project is going to be interesting. I've got some big plans to help get this flic noticed (detailed on the site) and every bit of promotion helps. More information coming soon.


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