Thursday, July 13, 2006

World War 3

In case you haven't followed the news in the past couple weeks, here's a quick rundown.

North Korea is firing off test missles, pissing everyone off. Japan is probably the most pissed off, since most of these were shot in their direction and they have considered a military strike on the country. "But Japan, you guys don't have any nuclear weapons...." says the mainstream media. Yeah and if you believe that I got a bridge to sell you. Japanese military generals have apparently talked here and there about the weapons they've quietly built back up over the last few decades. Just because they don't parade them down the street every week or threaten to use them every other month doesn't mean they don't exist.

Israel is on a rampage (again). Lets see if I get this straight. Israel unloads on a Gaza beach where Palestinians were having a picnic in Gaza last month. Naturally the mainstream media spins it as "a mistake". Palestinians got pissed off at what they perceve as a start of an impending invasion of Gaza by the Israeli military, so they capture an Israeli soldier. "Thank you", says Israel, who used that one incident to storm back into Gaza; something that apparently has been planned for weeks before this guy was captured according to an Israeli newspaper (oops). Lets not seriously negotiate, lets just do another quick one-sided set of demands that doesn't give the Palestinians anything, so the mainstream media can print "Well, the Israeli government tried to negotiate but those evil Palestinians are hard-headed".

The Agony of Gaza
"Without power, 700,000 people in Gaza are deprived of air conditioners, fans and refrigerators on stifling days and nights. Worse yet,Gaza's water affected. An already poor sewage system has ceased to function....They will be unable to refrigerate or cook what food they have been able to hoard for an emergency......they risk an outbreak of diseases, including cholera.....without electricity, hospitals and clinics cannot treat the sick.

"It is ethnically indefensible to impose such conditions....hundreds of thousands...should not be made hostage to obtain one Israeli soldier....Israeli Prime Minister Ehud making a political as well as a moral blunder."

Oh but it gets better, Hizbollah, an extremist group apparently based in Lebanon got into a scuffle with some Israeli soldiers on the border. Some were killed and 2 were captured. I wonder which side of the border they were on when this happened. Would not surprise me one bit if it comes out that these troops were outside of Israel doing who knows what, since it has happened a few times before. Naturally, Israel authorizes 'severe' response to abductions according to CNN.

Retaliation in Lebanon Hits Roads, Bridges

Israel attacks Beirut's airport
It comes as 27 civilians, including 10 children, were killed in overnight Israeli raids on southern Lebanon.
It doesn't end there. US blames Iran, Syria for Hizbollah capture is a headline out of Reuters. Looks like the hawks in DC are trying a different method to get their war on with Iran and maybe Syria, too (who are in the process of dumping the dollar as the currency for their oil in favor of more valuable Euros). They support this group! How evil! Well, technically it can be, but if they use it as a reason to attack Iran and kill a few hundred thousand people (like they've done in Iraq). People who could care less about "Hizbollah" and just want to make their peaceful place in the world just like everyone else.

Despite what the mainstream media likes to portray, people in Iran (and these other places) aren't all religious zealots and scary boogymen. Sure they have a group of nuts, but it doesn't include everyone. Not much different than the group of "Christians" in this country, who (gasp) can also be tagged as "extremists" after looking at some of the fucked up shit they're up to (and have done) in the name of Jesus Christ.

So Israel's attempt to kick off a regional war on two fronts goes on, bombing all sorts of buildings, highways, bridges, murdering Lord knows how many civilians in the process. The connecting of the dots and grasping of straws to try to get other countries like Iran and Syria involved is seen all over the mainstream media. For example, CNN says Iranian Made Missiles Hit Israel. Well you know what? The missles that destroyed the Beriut airport were made in the USA. Does that mean Lebanon can come after us now? I'm sure the neocons would secretly love it if they did. Iran warns Israel not to attack Syria is another headline. Don't be surprised if Syria (whom Iran has a security pact with) does get attacked, and then it's on. Meanwhile Dubya has basically said that the US will "defend Israel no matter what". So there it is. Israel will start WWIII and drag everyone into it if all this keeps escalating.

I leave you with: Bush won't pressure Israel for cease-fire; "The president is not going to make military decisions for Israel," White House spokesman Tony Snow said.
....but the president will make military decisions for every other country. Bush demands that Russia not support Iran. He demands that China not dupport Iran. He demands that North Korea not do any nuclear testing. He demands that Iran stop all nuclear production. He demands that the Palestinians stop attacking Israel. He demands that no one has the right to boycott Israel or say anything negative about Israel.

But he will allow Israel to do (and say) whatever it pleases.

This is probably the most obvious sign that Bush is nothing more than a PUPPET.
Israel vows to destroy Hizbullah; Israeli jets continued to bomb Lebanon on Friday, hitting the airport and 18 other targets as Jerusalem threatened to escalate its attack on the besieged country even further.
Imagine for a moment that Great Britain announced that they intended to destroy organized crime. Does that make it okay for them to bomb the United States into rubble, destroy our bridges, hospitals, schools, and airports?

Oh and one more thing. Apparently the elitist scum of the world that profit off all of this consider and openly refer to the Cold War as #3, which would actually make this World War 4.


At 4:12 AM, Blogger john said...

Welcome to the world of politics;

Politics id the art of giving someone what he does not deserve.

This usually comes in the favor of "politicians" who become more and more powerful.

At some point things don't need to make sense to anyone except politicians.

This goes on . . .

Until everything flips over!


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