Sunday, August 14, 2005

Cindy Sheehan

If you don't know who this brave woman is, I suggest the following links:

Here's a woman who has lost her son, and because she's speaking out for what she believes in, she's gets accused of disresepcting the memory of her son by the right, which has tried to turn things around on her. In fact, this actually happens a lot with this administration. It's like they're masters at it. Her son is GONE. FOREVER. The reasons he and others were sent to that meat grinder in Iraq turned out to be bullshit and everyone knows it. Including Bush himself.

I think Cindy has more courage than most who a) would never go over there or allow a loved one to go over there, yet still think they can voice a meaningful opinion on what this woman is going through, and b) actually going to Crawford and speaking out in general, showing that she's not just going to sit at home grieving at a picture next to a free folded up American flag that they gave her (what a tradeoff!) while Bush goes to things like a black tie dinner, showing slides of himself looking under his desk and in the closet joking about how they can't find the WMDs (remember THAT?) while the crowd chuckles. Har har har, real fucking funny.

Cindy is really a light shining on cockroaches, and every day Bush ducks her, avoids her by taking a helicopter when he leaves that hollywood set he calls a ranch, the more people will wake up to see what an uncaring piece of crap this man truly is. That said, she has already talked with him briefly before, and described that meeting as disgusting. If he really supported the troops, they wouldn't be over there to begin with and he'd be making moves to bring them back home. Especially since there were no WMDs found and that other idiot Saddam is rotting in jail.

Of course now Rumsfeld and other liars of this administration are on TV and interviews saying things like "we never said it was about WMDs", "we never said there was an imediate threat to the US by Hussain", "it was about spreading democracy"... um, yeah.. that's it. How does it feel that these people think the American public is so stupid that they can just change what they said as the reasons for getting into this, even though they are ON RECORD saying it?

Go Cindy, Go. Her official website is

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Who is the US Congress listening to?

Who is the US Congress listening to?

Hint: Not the American people.

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