Monday, August 07, 2006

George Galloway: Israel is a Terrorist State

George Galloway continues to tell it like it is on any media outlet that dares to bring him on. Sky News in the UK interviewed him about the Israel / Lebanon conflict and he let them have it.

Note how the techies at Murdoch’s Sky News potted down the volume on Galloway, as he made too much sense and was cleaning the anchor’s clock, and then brought up the volume of b-roll footage to drown him out. You’d think, by now, the corporate media would steer clear of Galloway, as he consisently tells the truth, a forbidden fruit in the fraudulent “war on terror,” that is to say state-sponsored terrorism against Arabs and Muslims resisting the murderous aggression of Israel and the United States.

Who is George Galloway? He's a British MP that the US senate accused of war profiteering. He let them have it as well, in 2005 when he came to America to testify.


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